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Submission Guidelines

     One of our main goals is to discover and capture new and emerging writers, poets, photographers and visual artists - from all over in the world. Borders mean nothing to us, any kind of borders. Of course established writers, photographers and artists are also most welcome.

     Please submit work that has not been published or shown before - and please tell us asap if the work you've submitted to Capture will be published or shown elsewhere. If your work was originally written in a language other than English, please send the English translation and the original text. Please, no genre fiction, editorials or commercial images. Instructions on how to submit various types of work are below.

Our Measly Submission Fee
     We have set things up so a $2 submission fee is required. That's right, two measly dollars that you can send via Paypal to If you don't have a Paypal account, it's free to set one up and takes about two seconds. There are a couple of reasons for our "measly fee." We have found from bitter personal experience that the vast majority of indie literary mags don't survive beyond a few issues unless they are supported by a school's lit program or by some granting agency or foundation. We don't have that luxury. Think of your $2 submission fee as the postage you would have paid anyway to send your work to an old style paper & ink mag.

     The money pays the costs associated with running this online publication and buying the odd coffee/lunch/snack for our hardworking volunteer editors. The fee also goes toward producing the annual Capture Anthology and the annual Capture Awards (which will pay real money, not a lot but that will grow). The anthology will come out in June of 2011. Anyone published in Capture is automatically considered. Once we get above and beyond these costs, we plan to begin paying writers, photographers and artists for their work. It may not be much, but it will hopefully turn into something over the long term. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

To Submit Fiction
     You may send 3 stories or novel excerpts in a single submission, each between 500 and 10,000 words. (Longer pieces may be serialized over two or more issues) Please write in the subject line: FICTION - Name of Your Story - Name of Author. No need for a synopsis or explanation. Just include your contact info and a short bio of 100 words or so at the end of your story. Attach your stories as .doc or .rtf files. Please, no .docx files.

To Submit Poetry
     You may send up to 12 poems of whatever length. It's unlikely we'll be able to publish a 40,000 line epic but you never know. The subject line should read: VERSE - Number of Poems Submitted - Name of Author. Attach your poems in a single .doc or .rtf file, with a short bio of no more than 100 words and your contact info at the end. And no .docx files, please.

To Submit Photography
     You may submit up to 12 photos of pretty much any size but we may have to re-size them to fit. However, we promise to never crop, chop or alter your images in any way. Subject line should read - PHOTOS - Number of Photos - Name of Photographer. Please attach your images as .jpg or .gif files.

To Submit Visual Art
     Like photography, you may send us up to 12 images of any size of your paintings, drawings, illustrations, sculptures, installations, etc. The subject line ought to read: VISUAL - Number of Images - Name of Artist. And once more, we swear on the graves of our favorite dead artists that we will never ever crop, cut or mess around with your images. Please send them as .jpg or .gif files.

Email Submissions Only
     Send submissions to with your measly $2 submission fee. Please, no postal submissions of any kind. It's an unnecessary waste of resources, don't you think?

     All rights remain with the writer, photographer or artist who has created the work. Capture has single publication rights only. But, as we mention above, we'd like to be the first to publish or show a particular piece of work. If your story, poem, photo or other image does go on to fame and fortune perhaps you'd be kind enough to mention in the book or show or whatever that it was originally published in Capture global lit mag.