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"God did not intend faith to be an exercise club." -Author Naquib Mahfouz

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Reader Comments

The Blood, Guts and Lama story is a nice piece of pseudo-intellectual racism. Very cleverly rendered, it is obviously written by someone who cannot quite believe he has missed out on being a colonial sahib by a few generations. Tough luck, old chap.
-Anders Luus, Bahamas

That Lawrence Shepp verse has got to be one of the funniest things I've read in a very long time. He's perfectly framed the world of the mobile phone obsessed idiots who are taking over the world.
-Pierre G, Glasgow

Cool mag. I really like the poetry section - poetry that doesn't read like poetry. Now that is impressive.
-TWT Max, Seattle

When can we expect some new material? It's been a while. I realize you only publish when your ed. board feels they have received work which merits their precious time and attention but I know several accomplished authors who have submitted material to you and have been ignored. A polite letter declining their submission would not go amiss.
-Lucas Free - Oslo

Great reading at the Central in 'scenic' Mirvish Village in T.O! Congrats to the writers! Cool of you guys to promote it.
-Marcus W, Toronto

I was at the Me & My Big Mouth reading and they needed to have a bigger room! It was packed. But I have to say, there was lots of intensity in the air because everyone was mashed together and people were almost up against the writers' knees as they read their work. All three writers were a laugh and I did get a bit drunk, which was urged on by that awesomely cool poster for the reading. Who is that amazing woman in the photo?
-Caroline KF, Toronto
(Ed: Self portrait of the artist who created the poster, Gudrun Lock)
You Make Junk Look Good is so moving, so personal - and I am very happy it completely lacks in the glibness that passes for emotional depth these days - and after all, isn't that glibness just a disguise for what is really just cowardice, the fear of exposing one's actual feelings, one's weaknesses, terrified of being singled out for being someone who has a heart - something that appears to be the ultimate crime amongst so-called artists.
-Kath G, Long Beach, CA

Thanks for running Gudrun Lock's photos. I'm so glad to have discovered her. Check out the article in Twin Cities Daily Planet. She turned her house into an exhibition space. Just fucking brilliant!
-Lee ON Cruiser, NYNY

Capture? Capture what? Why is everything in your magazine sexual, violent or abusive? I am tired of being under attack. Is that what supposed 'literature' has turned into? It must be assault to be taken seriously? My work didn't cut it for you because it does not contain any violence or porn. If I resubmitted my work with blood and genitals thrown in, I am sure you would love it.
-Frap77, Victoria, Aus.

Ho hum another lit mag, what a drag, makes me gag, half mast the flag, words and pictures sag, you'd waste less time if you went out and played tag.
-Allen T, La Honda, Calif.

Spent the better part of today reading your mag. An unexpected pleasure coming from this era of activist toads. Walrus readers take note, or even better: put Capture in your burkas and smoke it!
-VC, Toronto

Writing for shock value is rather redundant in today's world. It is very easy to be negative. Your editors ought to consider the astounding acts of goodness that surround us every day.
Louis Bryce, Ottawa

I loved the excerpt from Mount Royal. Though harsh on the surface, there is a nice underlying sweetness. I know Montreal well and this work truly 'captures' that city's spirit, beauty and depth. Please let me know where I can find the book when it is published.
-k.thompson0770, Manchester, NH

Wow wow wow! Pow in the guts! Bam in the face! Who is Aubrey Singer and when can I meet him??? His poem, The Heavyweights is my lullaby!
-Robert Constant, London

Where is Capture magazine located? Is it in paper form? How can I buy a copy?
-Theoonfire, San Diego
Ed. note: Capture is online only and exists in the ether, with staff spread around the globe.

Really cool zine, you guys. Let's see a bigger issue next time!
-Flyboy74, NYC

The photos are amazing - the 'Laundry' shot in particular. Great work!
-Amber, Jupiter FL

Your poetry section is rather obscene and ought to come with a warning. Or perhaps the entire magazine.
-Andrew M., Copenhagen

the green and the black
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