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R Stevenson is a painter, illustrator and antiquarian living in the wilds of northern Scotland without a computer or other internet-linked device. Thankfully, a friend managed to send us these illustrations.
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ol' screwnose Ol' Screwnose. If Jesus wore panties and garters, would they be fuscia and cotton candy pink? Hard to say but he was a lover, not a fighter so it's possible. Definitely not an old testament kind of fellow, no smiting for him. Well, everyone must rebel against Pater at some point.
Howeird Howeird. We lived in the same rotting old house. He had a large collection of shoes. Nosepickers, biker boots, creepers, all the jangly gear he believed women adored. The shoes were lined up in the hall outside his room where he could come out, make his selection, hop into that pair and be on his way. He'd clomp up and down the stairs a hundred times a day. So I finally nailed a few pairs to the floor. It took a couple of days but Howeird jumped into one of those pairs of shoes and slammed face first into the wall. He howled and demanded I pay for repairs. I told him to shut it or I'd knock out his big buck teeth.
Serge Serge. A brilliant madman I know who lived with his mother until he was thirty five or so then Donna the just-as-crazy Jewess came along and they made a good couple after driving off Donna's old boyfriend, an oily abuser called Switzer. Serge dealt with him easily but always seemed to feel like a reluctant jester.
What have I done? Bwana or Livingston or Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now, full of regret but actually much more worried about direct consequences.
Ron Hedland, Murdered, RIP Ron Hedland. He was a drummer and fellow disc jockey at a 'Gentlemen's Lounge' that had seen better days. He got into a vendetta with a couple of shits over a debt amounting to no more than a couple thousand. They became enraged and stabbed him to death. It was never 'solved.' RIP, Ron.
Universal Babushka The Universal Babushka of a million villages, both urban and rural, all round the planet, umbilical cord still between her teeth. You see her sweeping the doorstep on a windy day. Suspicious of all, leather lunged, her tongue can drop a man at 100 paces.
UB's inlaw & neighbor UB's neighbor and inlaw. She comes at you ass first, at high speed, like a rugby lout. Enormously powerful hips and thighs that will leave you flattened. My friend, you do not stand a chance.