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"All I'm writing is just what I feel. I try to keep it almost naked." - Jimi Hendrix

July - August, 2010

Editor - Stephen Hooker

Assoc. Editor - Lutha Pavir

Assoc. Editor - Caliste Gomez

Assoc. Editor - JJ Rileau

Assoc. Editor - B Papademos

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Reader Comments
re: the current issue-

The Barlow bros story is really sick and really funny and makes me feel guilty for laughing at small town losers. And yes, I am from a very small town and it is all true, at least among those who dropped out of school in Grade 3 - and they were the scholars in the family!
Cat V, Portland, OR

Capture is one of the most unusual mags on the net - or anywhere. First rate stuff. I hope you aren't shut down sometime soon by the 'end days' lunatic fringe, who are gaining power as we speak.
-D. Sparks, Birmingham, UK

Hey, I'm mega lovin Gudrun Lock's photos! She is effing brilliant!
Amir the Swampjockey, Mumbai/San Jose

I'm not sure your brand of extremism is what the planet needs at the moment. As George Santayana once remarked: "Extremism is for those who have forgotten the point of being human."
Michael G, Toronto

I love the Eilidh story. Walmsley truly touches bottom in that murky pool.
Tina TTK, Amsterdam

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Some breakfast, honey?

Photography - Gudrun Lock

Illustrations - R Stevenson

Story - Eilidh - Tom Walmsley

2 Stories - Back To You & Peach - Katrina Gray

Story - The Barlow Bros - Caliste Gomez

Compendium - World Love Triangles - Ahmad Avaz

Excerpt from new novel, Mount Royal - Basil Papademos

Verse - Brilliant Young Doctor - Liu Chiang

Verse - The Heavyweights - Aubrey Singer

Verse - It Is Official - Jamillah Ayoun-Frick

Verse - Ode to Canadian Fiction - Lambert G. Closse

Capture appears every two months and features the work of new, emerging and established writers, photographers and visual artists from around the world. Capture does not believe in borders, any kind of borders. An annual anthology of work published in Capture appears in April, available for purchase in e-book or paper form.
We are working very hard to go through each submission and publish a strong cross-section of work from around the planet. We plan to substantially expand the size and number of stories, poems, photo and visual art features that we run in each edition.
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